LaShawnna Stanley is a template for beating the odds. Her favor ain’t fair’s perspective has forced her to see life without limit. A walking tale of irony, LaShawnna Stanley’s early days began with teen-aged pregnancy; a result of what many may say is a foundation for failure. Born with an innate determination she overcame these obstacles despite the odds. LaShawnna used her adversities, creative mind and determination as tools to survive life’s challenges therefore creating opportunity. With her spirit in tow, LaShawnna Stanley founded Miami based Ethnicity Models inadvertently launching an empire-in-the-making. Her passion for meeting challenges and commitment to her goals led her to become the best in her field, all while spreading her message of self love. Her unmatched eye for beauty, talent and marketing instinct has taken her from Kansas City’s impoverished neighborhoods to future tycoon-ess of the continental U.S.

Her agency, Ethnicity Models has cast the majority of talent throughout urban media, thus making her the primary resource in the country for ethnic beauty and talent. LaShawnna Stanley’s Miami based Ethnicity Models is a firm infamous for boasting the most diverse collection of ethnic talent to date. It’s distinctive, exotic beauties have enhanced marketing initiatives and media driven programs by merging Ethnicity’s signature beauty with some of the leading brands of lifestyle marketing. With rosters that span five major markets, Ethnicity has maintained a reliable source of talent for urban media and has often bridged the gap between global brands and the urban market; successfully executing brand messaging. Currently in its tenth year Ethnicity Models has enjoyed increasing online popularity with its website garnering more than 2 million hits per month and their MySpace page often topping the charts of the most popular MySpace pages. LaShawnna Stanley has made Ethnicity a mainstay by setting and maintaining a standard of professionalism and creative integrity.

LaShawnna Stanley has maintained some of the most valuable relationships in mass media. She has strategically placed herself in the company of the industry’s foremost influencers. Called upon as a special invite or to cast events and campaigns, LaShawnna Stanley is amongst the elite in cooperative branding efforts.

LaShawnna Stanley launched Ethnicity Models with an idea and a dream. She committed herself to a personal and business standard that would maintain the highest levels of respect amongst her clients. As a result, LaShawnna created her access to the leaders in urban media, merchandising and global brands. She was bold, fearless and operated by a unique strategy enabling her to battle stereotypes behind the scenes and on behalf of her talent in front of the cameras. LaShawnna Stanley with her owns hands has become a mainstay in the urban imaging market, known for her above par criterion.

Day to day, LaShawnna Stanley takes survey of some of the most beautiful women in the industry. Unfortunately one thing remains common throughout her travels. The competitive environment and the levels women will go to make it have yielded a deep-rooted negative self image and sinking self value. LaShawnna has committed herself to reversing this stigma by enforcing self love and forcing the beauty and cultural diversity on her clients and her industry. In this way, she has reversed her strategy, don’t hide your ethnic distinction, embrace it and call it what it is beauty. This has become her plight and passion. The I LOVE ME Foundation for the Restoration of Self Esteem and Self Love, and the I LOVE MY ETHNICITY campaign- a creative vehicle to promote brands that reach a multi-cultural market.

LaShawnna Stanley and Ethnicity Models have been featured in numerous publications and multi-media outlets throughout the country.

Ms. Stanley enjoys youth mentorship and spreading her message of empowerment & self love. Invite her to speak and share her story, she inspires change.